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Lemonade Stand Kids is committed to inspiring the next generation of leaders by publishing children's books that promote entrepreneurship, fiscal responsibility, hard work, and community values through captivating traditional storytelling.

Refreshing Reads from Our Lemonade Stand

Kat, a cheerful and determined girl, loves gardening and plants a beautiful garden full of colorful flowers. With help from her family, she sells these flowers to make others happy. Through her hard work and caring nature, Kat learns that dreams can come true with love, teamwork, and believing in yourself. Kat discovers that working hard, being kind, and having help from loved ones is important. "Kat's Flowers" is a fun story that shows kids how their dreams can come true when they believe in themselves and work together with others.

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"Manny’s Yard Sale Adventure" tells the story of Manny, a young boy with a big heart and an entrepreneurial spirit. After being inspired by a yard sale he passes by, Manny decides to host his own, gathering items from his family's home. With the support of his parents, Manny sets up his sale and invites the community to join in. As the day progresses, Manny experiences the joy of connecting with neighbors and making sales, learning important lessons about hard work and community along the way. The book celebrates the power of initiative, entrepreneurship, kindness, and the joy of sharing with others.

In the book "Danny and the Snow Shovel" we meet Danny, a young boy who lives in a snowy town. One morning, he sees his neighbor Mrs. Ebert stuck in the snow with her wheelchair. Danny wants to help, so he asks his parents if he can shovel snow for people. They agree, and Danny starts his own snow-shoveling business. Danny works hard to clear snow for his neighbors, and soon he becomes famous in the town. Everyone loves Danny's cheerful attitude and helpfulness. Danny earns money with each job he completes and feels happy for making a difference. This story teaches us that being kind and working hard always pays off.

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This delightful story serves as an excellent introduction for children interested in learning about entrepreneurship and financial literacy. It teaches them to appreciate the value of hard work and the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity. "Gracie's Lemonade Stand" leaves its readers feeling inspired and optimistic, making it a perfect feel-good read for children.

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Meet the Characters


Say hi to Gracie! She's a happy girl with a big heart, always ready to help. She's full of bright ideas, like making a fun lemonade stand with Mommy and her little brother, Tommy. Gracie's as creative as a painter and as determined as a busy little ant. She's all set to bring sweetness into the world with her lemonade stand!


Here's Mommy, Gracie's wise and helpful teacher. She's as smart as a wise old owl, always full of caring advice. With her loving heart, she's Gracie and Tommy's rock, supporting them as they create their delightful lemonade stand together.


Meet Tommy, Gracie's cheerful little brother. He's a helpful munchkin, always eager to lend a hand. Tommy loves coming up with fun ideas, though he can be a bit shy. But with a big smile, Tommy stands by Gracie, ready to make their lemonade stand the best one ever!

Mrs. Gallagher

Say hello to Mrs. Gallagher, the smart and neighborly friend living next door. He's as intelligent as a clever fox, always ready with a faithful helping hand.

Lemonade Stand Parents: Toasting to Timeless Values

"Gracie's Lemonade Stand" is a delightful story that combines entrepreneurship with a heartwarming message about perseverance and creativity. The illustrations are vibrant and engaging, perfectly capturing Gracie's enthusiasm and the sunny, summer setting. Children will be captivated by Gracie's journey, from the initial idea to the challenges she faces and how she overcomes them with ingenuity and support from her community.          

- Chelsea H

“I have been looking for a book like this for a long time. The perfect book to start teaching kids traditional values and my grandson loves it. Hoping they release a second book soon.”

- The Maize Family

“Very entertaining storyline while teaching the importance of hard work & perseverance! Even my husband loves reading this book !”

- Debbie Maraze